The Admissions process at a Public School is governed by legislation and regulations.

Documents that are needed when making an application include the:

  • Birth certificate (Note that baptismal certificates will not be regarded as proof of birth date)
  • Immunisation card; and
  • Transfer card or last school report card for learners who have been to school previously.

Additional documents required if one is not a South African citizen are:

  • Study Permit
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit from the Department of Home Affairs; or
  • Evidence that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa

Application forms need to be completed in full and submitted to the School. Submissions can be made Monday – Friday from 08:00 to 12:00.


Please note that Potch High School for Boys is a secondary school, catering for Grades 8 – 12 only.

“Feeder Schools” will be visited by Potch Boys High Marketing staff during the year in order to inform primary school staff and pupils about the application procedure. Schools not visited will receive all the necessary information by email. This information will include application forms, information sheets, details about our Open Day, promotion posters and a School Magazine.


We expect that applicants with aspirations of becoming part of the Boys High family would subscribe to the basic ethos of the School which has a history and tradition built up since 1905:

A “College Gentleman”:

  • Says “thank you” and “please”
  • Stands up and greets when an adult approach
  • Takes pride in his appearance attends to personal hygiene, shaves, cleans his shoes, ensures that his uniform is impeccable, does not wear jewellery to school, takes pride in his use of language
  • Does not litter but picks up litter
  • Keeps toilets clean
  • Looks after his own property
  • Respects the property of others
  • Pays his school fees and meets other financial obligations
  • Participates in school activities
  • Is punctual for appointments, detention or any school activity
  • Does not steal or borrow without permission
  • Is punctual for class, practices and fixtures or performances
  • Does not visit the Tuck Shop or coffee shop during class time
  • Listens to intercom announcements
  • Respects the Creator, Educators, adults, his fellow Collegian and others
  • Does his homework regularly
  • Apologizes when he is in the wrong
  • Does not bunk school or make appointments for during school hours
  • Does not leave class/school before the bell has rung
  • Accepts his punishment
  • Assists Educators whenever he can
  • Does not fight or bully others

School Attire


The proper school uniform must be worn at all times. Summer uniform consists of grey shorts, short-sleeved white shirts, long grey socks, brown official school shoes, school tie, and blue school pullover. Winter uniform consists of long grey flannels, long-sleeved white shirt, short grey socks, school tie, jersey and shoes as for summer, school blazer, basher, school scarves and school beanie (may not be worn in class).

The acceptable dress code should also be adhered to for all sporting activities. Please note that tracksuit tops, windbreakers etc. may NOT be worn with the school uniform.

All personal belongings must be marked clearly with your son’s full name.

School Hours


07:15 – 13:45 Monday to Friday.

The School Tuckshop


The school tuckshops operate at breaks and directly after school. Freshly prepared snacks and refreshments are on sale