Buxton Hostel

This hostel was named after Lord Buxton, the Governor-General of the Union of South Africa from 1914 to 1928. The current building was constructed in 1937 and occupied in 1938. The area it is built in has a rustic rural feel to it. It can accommodate 70 boys.

Boarders have been an important component of Potch Boys High since the School’s inception in 1905. The proud tradition of camaraderie, lifetime friendships and a caring boarding community has influenced parents to continue enrolling their sons into the boarding milieu.

Being a boarder enables a boy to take full advantage of the facilities and opportunities that the school offers, without wasting hours of his time travelling to and from the school. Our boys are encouraged to participate in a broad range of activities, whether competitively in school teams, or socially, and this includes inter-house competition.

The hostel is under the direction of a Senior House Master, who is a member of the teaching staff and resides in the house. Other house master staff members live with their families in flats and houses nearby. There is resident matron in each house who look after the needs of the boys living away from home.

New Boys

A new boarder’s first exeat, at the beginning of his first year, is the third weekend. We have found that new pupils settle into the life of the School more easily when they have as little contact with their parents as possible during their first few weeks and we therefore request parents, family and friends not to phone the boys during this time.


Pupils are expected to attend all meals unless excused by the master-on-duty. Dress is school uniform. If they are late for lunch, pupils must excuse themselves from the head of the table. If a pupil is late for supper, he must excuse himself from the master-on-duty. Morning registration is done before breakfast. Pupils must be properly dressed and look presentable.


Prep is considered sacred in boarding establishments. During prep sessions total silence is expected. The prep room is to be kept neat and tidy at all times and no food is allowed in there. It is compulsory for Grade 8 and 9 to do two prep sessions and Grade 10 to 12 to do three prep sessions at night.

18:45 ~ 19:45 All grades
20:00 ~ 21:00 All grades
21:15 ~ 22:00 Gr 10, 11, 12

Late prep on request only if student worked during allocated study sessions

During exams there is 1 hour afternoon session from 15:00 ~ 16:00


The central laundry is open from 07:00-15:45 from Mondays to Thursdays. It is closed from 15:00 on Fridays for cleaning. THE LAUNDRY IS NOT OPEN ON SATURDAYS. This additional information is made available to boys on acceptance into the boarding house.

All clothing, socks and linen must be clearly marked with the boy’s NAME and HOUSE on NAME TAGS sewn firmly in a conspicuous place. Each boy must have TWO sock bags, (one for white and one for coloured items) clearly marked and made of netting.



We feel that no problem is unsolvable and boys and parents should, therefore, feel free to discuss any matters of concern with their respective Housemasters.


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