Potchefstroom High School for Boys, founded in 1905 as Potchefstroom College, has a rich and varied heritage. The boys shape the strong traditions of the school.

We offer boarding facilities as a home away from home.

The school divides learners into four houses: Barnard, Granton, Milton and Buxton. Learners compete throughout the year in the Wood’s Bowl Competition. Houses accumulate points in the fields of sport, academics, cultural, and social activities.

The Mooi

The school magazine, The Mooi, made its first appearance in December 1907. Initially published twice-yearly, it became an annual publication, summing up the year’s activities, particularly on the playing fields, and offering a vehicle for budding authors and poets.

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Extract from The Mooi Centenary edition November 2005 Written by Hilary de Villiers and edited by Paulet Henrey:

“I have been unable to find a reference to the very first Collegian publication, but The Mooi reports The Collegian was ‘back in circulation’ in August 1974.”

Several issues followed before dwindling away once again.  The next set of Collegians lasted from 1996 till 2006, when Mrs de Villiers accepted a post at HTS Potchefstroom.

Some valiant efforts were made to keep the, first monthly, and then quarterly paper running, with varying degrees of success.

In 2018 Mrs Carma van Niekerk resurrected the paper once again in printed format as a quarterly publication, but with advent of the Digital era the SMT decided to repurpose the Collegian as a newsletter to parents in digital format. And so, with a trail run in December 2019, the Collegian is now available monthly.