What a wonderful, chaotic, happy time in the life of a grade 8 boy here at College.

Once again, this year…like every year before… the grade 8s started practising for the concert over the weekend of 24 – 26 January.  The grade 8 boys entered the hall, looking a little sceptical and almost frightened.

However, once they started to practise, things got a little more comfortable, and the learners saw what was expected of them, and that it was actually going to be a lot of fun.

This year the theme of the grade 8 concert was:  “Just another day at College”, where learners portrayed the life of an ordinary teacher or learner in the classroom.

On the evening of the concert there were a lot of surprises: the fact that some of the young men portrayed some of their female teachers at school,(really wearing dresses) and that Mr De la Rose, Mr Pullen, Ms Oosthuizen, Ms Eksteen, Mr Zuma and Mr Nkabinde actually participated in the concert as actors, portraying naughty school children. The concert made use of professional lighting and music from MSM Productions and the whole concert, like every year, is presented as a real production.

The evening was a huge success, and it is ended off annually with the candle ceremony afterwards, where the grade 8s are inaugurated into College.

It is satisfactory and appreciated to hear afterwards how much fun the grade 8s had and the gratitude from both the parents and learners.

By A Geldenhuys